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Our Work

We support young people in the commercial fishing industry.

Northern New England, renowned for its seafood, faces a shortage of young individuals in the commercial fishing industry. Our organization is dedicated to advocating for and supporting the sustainable future of small-boat commercial fishery participants.

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Deckhand to Captain Training Program

We are now accepting 9 experienced deckhands and sternmen  every year for the nine-month training program with the goal of becoming Owner-Operators.

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  • Business Management

  • Budget Development​

  • Marketing & Branding

  • Collaborative Marketing

  • Public Speaking

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  • Regulations + Standards​​

  • Fishery Management + Policy

  • Collaborative Research

  • Safety Training

  • Advocacy

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In order to provide a viable and successful future for our small boat fishing fleets, it is vital that fishermen and women become involved in the regulatory and management process involving our commercial fishing industry. 

for a brighter and inclusive future.

We help bridge the gap between the commercial fishing industry and regulatory/management bodies by educating our next generation on how to be active participants in the process.

Collaborative Research

We will work directly with researchers and management stakeholders, connecting them with groundfish, lobster, and scallop industry fishermen and women. We believe that integrating fishery-dependent data with regional and national fisheries management databases is integral for the accuracy of the science used to make management and regulatory decisions. 

New England Young Fishermen's Alliance Logo - a red commercial fishing boat in a black circle with a crab, lobster, fish, and shell icon at the bottom of the circle

New England Young Fishermen's Alliance was founded in 2022.

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