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Four people in red body suits float on their back in the water while a man with swimming goggles watches to the side


New England Depends on Commercial Fishing, and Fishermen Depend on Us

We support young people in the fishing industry.

Resource Enrichment Center


Business Management

We support the development of business management, budget development, marketing, and tax preparation skills.

Six people standing on a dock in red swimming body suits

Safety Training

We will ensure safety on the water with the proper training courses for the commercial fishing industry.


Coming Soon

Health Insurance

NEYFA plans to provide quality health insurance options for our young people in the commercial fishing industry.


Coming Soon

Mental Health Resources

We intend to equip our commercial fishing community with reliable mental health and substance abuse resources.

Man on the back of a commercial fishing boat shovels ice from a bucket while a group of seagulls fly around him behind him



We guide you in the state and federal permitting processes by working with a collective of industry professionals.

Man standing on the back of a commercial fishing boat looking at the camera and holding two lobsters on his shoulders

Networking Opportunities

We provide networking opportunities through local and national fishery events and conferences.

Proud members of industry associations

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